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2017 event registration information as well as 2017 race entry guidelines and rules and regulations will likely be available by February 2017

Put-in-Bay Road Race Reunions

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The PIB Course Marker Project

Start Finish Marker

Start/Finish Marker

PIBRRR markers04

PIB Turn 1 Marker

PIBRRR markers01

PIB Turn 4 Marker

PIBRRR markers03

PIB Turn 5 Marker


Past Posters by Bob Colaizzi

Bob Colaizzi, infamous vintage racer and talented artist, has contributed PIBRRR posters each year since 2010.

2017 Poster

PIB 2016 6 4 FINAL FlatSM

PIB poster 2015 small

 RSK-comp-flat-w logo




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